Linda's Inspiration

I grew up in Colorado and spent lots of time in Arizona and have been inspired by the layers of granite, shale and rusted iron between the layers of rock created with pressure, heat and moisture over time.  I love old mining fields that reveal layers of colored minerals and textures streaking down the mountainside.  

My art teacher Mrs. Cassidy at South High School in Denver allowed me to make whatever I wanted with silver and copper as she gently instructed me, this was the beginning of my fascination with melting metal.  In recent years I have taken several private classes to learn new techniques.    

Precious and Semi-precious stones and metals are my passion, I am inspired by and love natural elements from the digs around the world as I feel a connection to the natural Earth Elements.

I like to capture and mimic the character of rich patina metals and stable earthy colors mixed with precious earth stones in my jewelry designs, I incorporate my pieces to match fine textures in clothing custom matched to your personality and style. 

I love working one on one so that I can custom design a look just for you and your lifestyle, a unique look, feel and quality that you can't get in a manufactured piece of jewelry.